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    Roof treated with Thatch Marshal 8000, year later same roof had a 2 liter petrol fire inside

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    Flames burned furniture, trophies etc but thatch are still ok house and lives were saved.


More Testimonials


Thanks for your excellent and professional service today.

- Ernie Coombes


We had a lighting strike at our lapa recently and the whole chimney was damaged. Very hot bricks was falling on the treated grass roof and damaged a very small piece. But there was no fire: just a little smoke and black burnt grass (about the size of a rugby ball) I am thankful that I had the treatment done!

- Siegfried Heydenrych


A job well done, thanks.

- Johan Goosen

Meropa Casino in Pietersburg was treated with Thatch Marshal 8000 a few years ago, they had a lightning strike on their thatch,the fire smothered to an halt after 1 and a half meter. Derek 083 2965612


Thank you for the excellent and meticulous job you did on our thatch. Will definitely recommend you!

- Theresa Slade


Thank you so much and thanks for the excellent service you and your team provided.
- Shereen Beiling